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Hi! My name is Shaurya and I'm a Software Engineer at Microsoft working on the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 cloud service, designed for enterprise big data analytics.

Currently, I reside in Cupertino, CA. As a Bay Area native and a problem-solver, I have always been fascinated by the versatility of technology. I am an Entrepreneur and Full Stack Software Engineer who is working on stealth projects utilizing React, Python, ML, AWS, and more. I hope to continuously learn and expand my skillset so that I can keep building and solve impactful problems with Tech. Check out my experiences on my LinkedIn!

Previously, I studied at the University of Maryland and graduated in May 2021 with B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Statistics. During college summers, I interned at Microsoft and ServiceNow. At college, I participated in Startup Shell and organized Technica, the largest all-women and non-binary hackathon with the goal to promote gender diversity in Technology Industry.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, meeting people, working out, learning new things, reading, and playing video games! I'm also deeply obsessed about the stock market and crypto. Reach out if you want to connect or talk about any of my interests!



Quicklinks is essentially a linktree clone. It is a one-stop page for people to have quick access to your other socials and important links. Made with Nextjs, containerized using docker, and deployed on Azure. Analytics is managed by Google Analytics. Open source version is coming soon for Reactjs and Gatsbyjs.

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A full-stack web app and browser extension to help people fill job applications faster. Utilizing technologies such as Reactjs, AWS, Airtable, Stripe, and Google Places API.

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 Brain Stimulator 

This application is developed in Swift using Xcode. It is an iOS application consisting of different games and activities for people with brain traumatic injuries. One of the games is based on an experiment that I did with people about brain traumatic injuries regarding depth perception. It pushes people analytically. Inspired to make an app after working with people who had brain traumatic injuries.

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 Food Saver 

An app that creates a system of Food transport from anyone who has or cooks food to homeless shelters.

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